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Patto di corresponsabilità in inglese

Appendix Covid 19 regarding prevention, control and reduction of SARS –COV2

School’s tasks

  • organize the school routines according to the current sanitary legislation regarding Covid 19.
  • supply teachers with up-to-date digital skills in order to support online school activities.
  • Support pupils and their families during their online activities
  • provide, if possible, psyco- pedagogical support to pupils, teachers and families to manage traumatic situations related to the pandemic emergency.

Families’ tasks

  • take a daily look at the School Website in the section Sars -Cov 19 for any kind of communication and notice about the sanitary emergency.
  • check the temperature to all the family members on a daily basis and, in case of breathing problems or a 37,5° temperature, pupils need to stay at home. Parents have to alert the child’s doctor and follow the given instructions.
  • A family member or an authorized person, must always be available to collect the pupil from school in case of symptoms related to Covid 19.
  • help their children feel responsible and behave properly in order to fight the spread of the virus.
  • respect the school schedule of entrance /exit.
  • help their child, collaborate with teachers and, when necessary, help families in need for a mutual aid when school is online.

Pupils’ tasks

  • Follow all the written instructions/signals and the teachers’ orders.
  • Promote proper behaviours among classmates and work for the full respect of the school laws.
  • When they are at school, pupils have to inform the teachers immediately about symptoms related to Sars-Cov19
  • Cooperate with all the school staff both at school and during online activities, above all when using virtual platforms and technological devices.
  • During online school pupils are obliged to follow the school protocol about online lessons/ activities

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